The Little Cake Maker

Making this journey a little sweeter


Here, at The Little Cake Maker, we believe in sweetening up this journey we are all on together, and what better way to do that than with mouth-watering desserts! They have the ability to bring people together, transport us back in time, create lasting memories, and connect loved ones with each bite.

A celebration just isn’t complete without dessert and, that bit of sweetness can come from any source you choose. You may want to dazzle guests with a custom cake design that stops the show, or present a personal favourite with a new flavour twist. From the classic lemon tart to the decadent white chocolate mud cake; from the romantic red velvet cake to a selection of slices that add all the right flavours to your dessert table. The choice is yours and the memories are there to be made.


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Beautifully unique creations for your milestone celebration


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