The Little Cake Maker (a.k.a. me)

My story begins in the lab and moves into the home, or more specifically, the kitchen. This is where you will usually be able to find me covered in flour and surrounded by recipes, measuring cups, and piping bags. It may not seem like such an obvious progression, from running experiments in a research lab to freelance dessert baker, but there are actually a lot of similarities in both professions. I guess you could say that I approach baking in a ‘science-y’ way. I work with meticulous precision and follow my recipes to a T. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like to experiment - twisting up classic desserts and creating new flavours is such a joy – but I bake with care, attention to detail, and complete dedication.

So, how did the change come about?


With Peppa Pig of all things. Like most 2 year olds, my daughter was a devout fan of the pink family and, with her birthday coming up, I attempted the monumental Peppa Pig cake! I have been baking for many years, sharing desserts with friends and family on the regular, but this cake was a change-maker. The final result was a success and made my daughter Elise (now 7 yo) extremely excited, but the real success was in its creation. They say that success is not the destination but the journey, and this cake was an embodiment of that metaphor; I was working with my hands, focusing on a task with methodical dedication, and delivering a tangible product that brought people I love together. This is what baking always gave me, the satisfaction in a tangible craft. From here, and with years of baking love under my hat, I started making more and more desserts for friends and family.

With this love and dedication for the journey, I continued to improve the destination, self-teaching my way towards the perfect selection of cakes, tarts, slices, cupcakes, and macarons. Recipe books, YouTube tutorials, and social media videos became my curriculum and my husband became my reluctant (yeah, right) taste tester. Baking is now my full-time gig (alongside my fuller-time gig of being a wife and mother to two) as I work out of my home to create desserts that make life a little sweeter. Because, what’s a journey without a little shared sweetness.

TLC(M) – it’s a bit of TLC from Me, The Little Cake Maker.

Ennee x


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